Tala Vs Diaboc Part 1 - Comic and Gallery

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The satyr, Tala, discovers a powerful new vower whose intoxicating venom seduces her to find and challenge him.

Adult content

Fantasy adventure with some slime and vore.

4 erotica panels, and 14 story and action panels.

Name your price even if it's $0.

There are 67 jpegs and 1 pdf in this package.

One 16 page PDF comic.

One 16 jpeg comic. Jpeg resolution is 3000x1688.

A gallery of 51 jpegs based on the comic.

17 - 1920x1080 wallpapers of individual panels.

17 - uncropped jpegs (Full) showing the original image - bleed and all.

17 - close-up jpegs (CU) providing a zoomed view of the characters and action.

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So, this time, the story part went long. Instead of trying to cram story and erotica into one thirty-panel comic, I split them into two roughly twenty-panel comics: one devoted to story, and one devoted to monster erotica. Now the story part is offered at "name your price," and the erotica comic gets an extra eleven panels of slimy monster sex.

Part 2 is halfway completed and will be coming soon.

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PDF Comic, 16 Jpeg Comic, 51 Jpeg Gallery

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Tala Vs Diaboc Part 1 - Comic and Gallery

2 ratings
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